Charter School Program

Important Information

  • Icetown is an approved vendor for the following schools:  River Springs, Empire Springs, Harbor Springs, iLEAD Hybrid, iLEAD Lancaster, iLEAD SCVi, Dehesa, Excel, Sage Oak, Inspire, California Enrichment Academy, and Sky Mountain.
  • Please have your ES send a purchase order/certificate to at least one week prior to the start of your classes.  Please include the day and time of your selected class on the purchase order/certificate.
  • Dress warm.  Gloves are strongly recommended, as well as a helmet.  (A hockey helmet with a full cage is required for skaters in the Hockey Fundamentals and Hockey Scrimmage classes.)
  • Students enrolled in the In-House program or purchasing a Puck Play package must have full HECC-approved ice hockey gear, including a helmet with a full cage.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes early on the first day of class to complete the registration process.
  • Charter_School_Welcome_Packet - Please read prior to submitting your first purchase order!


Beginning Figure Skating and Hockey Classes

One 30-minute class/week $150.00 for 8 weeks
Two 30-minute classes (one hour)/week $190.00 for 8 weeks
Three 30-minute classes (one-and-a-half hours)/week $230.00 for 8 weeks
Four 30-minute classes (two hours)/week $270.00 for 8 weeks

Price includes FREE public session pass for registered students.

In-House Hockey

School's Responsibility $275.00 per season
Students's Respomsibility $250.00 per season (due upon registration)

Price includes FREE public session pass for registered students.


Coverage varies from school to school.  Check with your ES to see if funds may be used during seasonal camps such as Spring Break Camp and Winter Camp.

Puck Play

$60.00 for four sessions


Beginning Figure Skating Classes

Basic 1-8 Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm
Basic 1-8 Wednesday 5:40pm
Basic 1-2 Tuesday & Thursday 6:00pm
Basic 1-2 Wednesday 6:10pm
Intro to Power Skating* Tuesday 6:00pm
Artistry in Motion* Wednesday 6:10pm
Artistry in Motion* Thursday 6:00pm

*Must be enrolled in a Basic 3 or above class to take these elective classes.

Beginning Hockey Classes 

Hockey Fundamentals Wednesday 5:40pm
Hockey Mini-Scrimmage^ Wednesday 6:10pm

^Must be enrolled in the Hockey Fundamentals class to take this elective class.

In-House Hockey

Season Dates
Fall 2017 September 29 - December 16
Winter 2018 January 5 - March 24
Spring 2018 April 13 - June 23
Summer 2018 July 13 - September 22
Fall 2018 October 5 - December 23

Click here to view season practice and game schedule.

Puck Play

Click here to view the Puck Play schedule. 


Please send us a quick memo and we will get back to you within 24 hours.